Breaking down the Nike Fueldband

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I’ve been doing my research the last few weeks on the Nike Fuelband trying to justify to myself if it’s worth the 149 bucks. My supervisor at work is a work out fiend and says its even a great motivational tool for someone like him who works out already. We are in the military and really aren’t suppose to wear a device like this but since it can display the time we can just say it doubles as a watch. Besides that, it can count your steps throughout the day and most importantly tracks how many calories you burn. You set goals and try to reach them daily. If your about to lay down at night and realize your 30 fuel points off maybe it gets you to walk around the house a few times before you shut it down. You can also compete with friends who have one as well. That’s a basic summary but do you guys think fuelbands are worth the bucks? As of now, I’m leaning towards yes.

You can pick one up at or at your local Nike running store.



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