More than Ink- Theresa

Sometimes the artwork that puts the biggest smile on your face has a story behind it that could bring tears just as easily. My friend Theresa has a very unique piece and it would have been ridiculous not to share it with you guys.

LacesAndSleeves: Theresa, tell us a little bit more about this tattoo if you don’t mind talking about it.

Theresa: We lived in Phoenix when my sister was born. We moved to Minnesota shortly after her death to be closer to family but she was still buried in Phoenix. We went back every summer to visit family and her grave but as I got older it always bugged me that she was buried so far away. I got the tat so that she could always be with me, symbolically at least. The words are “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton which is the song that I grew up hearing my mom listen to because it reminded her of my sister .

LacesAndSleeves: What does the lamb represent?

Theresa: The headstone says “little ones to him belong” so it’s a reminder of her being a lamb of God.

LacesAndSleeves: It’s a very unique and intimate idea; I’m glad it came out so great for you.

Theresa:Well I had to go to like 5 different places because they kept telling me it wouldn’t turn out good on my foot or that they had “cooler” lambs but finally Stockton, Mn did it and they did an awesome job.
Thank you for sharing this story with us Theresa. If anyone out there has a tattoo with a cool meaning behind it be sure to let me know so I can share it.


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