Ultimate fan boy

When it comes to wearing your inner nerd on your sleeve, Bobby Hoag is killing it. A Star Wars fan since he was 5 years old, at age 19 he started his tribute to George Lucus’s opus with the Boba Fett tattoo on his leg done by Chris Garcia at Ancient Art. Not sated with that little number, he quickly moved on to the imperial symbol & storm trooper, also by Chris Garcia, before finally committing to devoting his entire arm to the force. His works also include a Hoth battle scene, the second Death Star, Slave 1 with the cloud city from Bespin and a TIE fighter. Oh but there’s more. Bobby is also a Game of Thrones’ fan, which a few of you may know as the HBO Emmy nominated television show based upon the series of novels of the same name by George R.R. Martin. His stomach rocker, done by David Noggle, is the sigil from the House of Baratheon, who’s currently sitting warily on the Iron Throne. Check back for more homage to the dark side from Bobby in the future. 20120907-162658.jpg20120907-162708.jpg20120907-163018.jpg



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