Jason Dorrier

Jason has done the majority of the work on my arms. I met him 5 or 6 years ago when he was working at Endless Summer tattoo in Cocoa Beach, Fl. I was stationed on a boat and was out to sea every 2 months for 2 months. Every time I would get back on land I would go get some work done by Jason and soon I had half the boat getting work done my him. I get non stop compliments about the work he has done on me and besides being a dope artist he’s a really cool dude. Currently he is a tattoo artist at Old Line Tattoo Gallery in Maryland. I’ll be posting up pics of work he has done on me but also I’m going to start rolling out some of his current artwork. Enjoy

This is a pin up style Medusa piece Jason recently did. Always good to see such a creative twist to something common like Medusa. This is a very well done and colorful tattoo.

By Marcus B.


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