Mermaids pt 1 

It’s unfinished but this is my favorite tattoo so far. It’s a beautiful piece with meaning and the first tattoo I’ve gotten dedicated to my daughter. I became obsessed with the 100’s of creative mermaids in the Norfolk area when I lived in Virginia. I would stop my car and take pictures when I saw cool ones.

photo not taken by me

photo not taken by me

Before MJ was born, I would refer to her as my little ninja mermaid. I just knew she would be both badass like a ninja but still as beautiful as a mythical mermaid. The nickname is fitting.

ninja mermaid by dru at hell or highwater tattoo

My wife Ellen is from that Norfolk/Virginia beach area where the mermaid is the mascot so it was fitting to get one for her as well. Her love for leopard is well known by those close and she also has a deep admiration for the pin up style which was well captured in her mermaid. He even got the blonde hair and blue eyes 😬. Check Dru out at Hell or Highwater and stay posted for the next session to finish the sleeve.

done by dru at hell or highwater in nola

pin up mermaid

pin up mermaid done by Dru


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