Behind The Shoe – Thanks Becki

The weekend the All star (Galaxy) shoes dropped was one of the biggest sneakerhead weekends this past year. The Foamposities alone pretty much shut malls down. I was in Atlantic Beach, NC for a Coast Guard basketball tournament and really only wanted to get my hands on the KD IV’s. The problem was, the morning all these shoes released me and my boy Brady had a game. Luckily his wife enables the lifestyle and decided she would head a few hours away to Raleigh at midnight and attempt to get Brady the Lebrons and myself the KD’s. I was in awe that she was willing to do this. Not only because she had no plans to get herself any shoes, but she was recovering from surgery and was on crutches. SHE COULD BARELY WALK. As we all know in some cities people were stabbed that very morning trying to get their hands on Foamposities but luckily that wasn’t the case although it would make for a dramatic morning. Becky  almost was in the clear because although they kicked everybody out the mall they let Becky inside due to her injury in fear that she might get trampled coming in with everyone else. Unfortunately, later she was told to wait outside as with everyone else until the mall opened. The back and forth had me and Brady going crazy. All I could think of was how was this white chick on crutches dealing with trying to beat out all these black dudes to get these shoes for us. In the end both shoes we wanted we’re sold out but as a consolation I ended up with the Italy Blue Spizikes and was still satisfied she didn’t drive all that way to get nothing. Would your wife go this far to get a pair of kicks for you?


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